Spirit of Hven Tycho´s Star Single Malt Whisky 41.8% 0.5L, Spirits


Alcohol: 41.8%

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This is a medium peated well matured Swedish single malt whisky, made from grain to bottle in the small family owned distillery Spirit of Hven, situated on the island of Hven, in the strait between Denmark and Sweden. This whisky is named Tycho’s Star as a tribute to the most famous islander yet, the astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601). The whisky has dark, almost mystical notes of leather and liquorice, embraced by a round scent of ripe plums. All this is elevated and refreshed by fragrances of apple and elderflowers. Newly harvested hay and honeydew meadows give a soft finish.

Tycho s Star is made from a mash bill based on three types of barley, Pale Ale Malt for the grassy base notes, chocolate malt for the enticing caramel notes and heavy peated whisky malt to create the leather, liqourice and tar scents. The carefully distilled spirit has matured on casks made of air dried oak. The casks are 58,20% heavy char Quercus Muehlenbergii from Missouri, 33,44% heavy toast Quercus Petraea from Allier and 8,36% medium toast Q. Robur from Bourgogne.

The whisky shows fruitiness, coated by a mild, balanced and very clear smokiness. The scent of barley is complemented by notes of coconut and almonds.

The taste is fresh with distinct smokiness and straightforward maltiness, the sweetness from the American oak is well balanced with the stringency of the French oak.

Cocktail recipe:
• 4.5 cl Spirit of Hven Tycho’s Star
• 1.5 cl Red Vermouth
• 2 dashes Angostura
Stir the ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled tumbler glass. Garnish with red cocktail berries.

  • Alcohol: 41.8% vol.

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