Spirit of Hven Majas Raspberry Vodka 41.8% 0.5L, Spirits


Alcohol: 41.8%

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  • 0,5 L (29,98 EUR/L)
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Maja’s Raspberry Vodka is created and made by our Master Distiller as a tribute to his grandmother Maja. When Henric remembers his summers with grandmother Maja, he fondly thinks of her “huge” and delicious raspberries that they went out and picked together. So Henric has created his summer memories in a bottle. Just enjoy!

When Maja’s Raspberry Vodka is made, we divide the raspberries into two parts. We then macerate raspberries for a week with the spirit and the other part is mixed and distilled in our fantastic 100-l pan, named Baltharzar. The two different parts extract different wonderful flavors and we then mix them together into the result you can enjoy from the bottle.

Berry aroma with clear character of raspberries, hints of herbs

Berry taste with a little sweetness and clear character of raspberries, hints of herbs

Cocktail recipe:
• 4cl Maja´s Raspberry Vodka
• 8cl Mango Juice
• 4cl Raspberry Simple Syrup
• 8cl Soda
A rim of licorice powder mixed with brown sugar
The raspberry simple syrup is made from equal parts of frozen raspberries, sugar, and water. Put a rim of the licorice on the glass. Mix everything into a tumbler glass filled with ice, and finish with the soda.
Put in some Raspberries on top for garnish

  • Alcohol: 41.8% vol.

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